Holiday with dog

Man's best friend is naturally welcome

Four-legged friends on holiday: Splashing in the lake, running through colourful forests, playing and frolicking around in the fresh air - your dog can have a great time on holiday, too!


Free to roam in low season

In early and late season, you can feel free to take your four-legged friend anywhere on our entire camping grounds.


In high season (July and August) dogs are not allowed
Rules for a holiday with your dog
  • If you are travelling with your dog, you can stay on the entire campsite
  • In area L in the western part of our campsite is a separate access to the lake for your dog. Please use only this access with the dog. The other beach areas are forbidden for dogs at any time.
  • All around the campsite, you will find many walking and hiking paths that lead through meadows and forests and offer plenty of space for your dog to run around.
  • We do ask you to keep your dog on a leash at all times (even around the caravans).
  • Dog fouling bags are available at the reception - thank you for carefully disposing of your dog's leavings - don't leave it!
  • Dogs are also welcome in the Restaurant

Breaches of these guidelines will be punished with a warning, or if repeated, with eviction from the premises, in the interests of the camping community.