Holiday with dog

Man's best friend is naturally welcome

Four-legged friends on summer holiday: Splashing in the lake, running through colourful forests, playing and frolicking around in the fresh air - your dog can have a great time on holiday, too!


Free to roam in low season

In early and late season, you can feel free to take your four-legged friend anywhere on our entire camping grounds.


In high season (July and August), please note the following

We are happy for you to spend your holiday here with your dog in July and August, as well. However, since not all of our guests are dog owners, we do ask you to observe certain rules, so that everyone will be able to enjoy a carefree holiday.

Rules for a holiday with your dog during high season
  • If you are travelling with your dog, we will gladly reserve one of our 14 pitches in area L in the western part of our campsite for you. Here, there is separate access to the lake and a separate gate by which you can leave the campsite at any time. For the rest of the campsite, an absolute ban on dogs is in place during high season.
  • You can comfortably reach the reception area, the restaurant and the supermarket via a path outside of the campsite.
  • All around the campsite, you will find many walking and hiking paths that lead through meadows and forests and offer plenty of space for your dog to run around.
  • We do ask you to keep your dog on a leash at all times (even around the caravans).
  • Dog fouling bags are available at reception - thank you for carefully disposing of your dog's leavings.
  • The key to the dog gate will be given to you when you arrive, on payment of a 20 € deposit.

Breaches of these guidelines will be punished with a warning, or if repeated, with eviction from the premises, in the interests of the camping community.