Sanitary facilities

Excellently equipped and crystal clean

Water is for washing: Modern showers and toilet facilities, comfortable cubicles and many services - like this, even cleaning can be fun.


Comfortable, clean and hygienic

Our sanitary facilities are within easy reach of any pitch. Their modern facilities and numerous conveniences, as well as their cleanliness, freshness and hygiene make them shine. This is what we place value on. 


Equipment with an edge
  • Five modern sanitary facility buildings
  • Showers, toilets and chemical toilet disposal
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Private bathroom (surcharge applies)
  • Baby washroom and children's washroom for the little ones
  • Barrier-free and disability-friendly facilities

Sanitary 3 - shower

Sanitary 3

Sanitary 3 - children's bathroom

Sanitary 3 - children's toilet

Sanitary 3 - baby bathroom

Sanitary 5 - men

Sanitary 5 - children's bathroom

Sanitary 2 - women

Sanitary 2 - men

Sanitary 1

private bathroom