Endless aquatic delights

A fantastic atmosphere by the lake: Climb up, have a play fight, slide down, jump in and make a big splash in the water with a cheer on your lips. This is where the fun is!


What happens here is sensational

Admittedly, the Aquajump and Rockslider are mostly used by children and teenagers. But it is not rare to see adults leaping and jumping about on them, too – and they have a real blast when they do. The same goes for our water volleyball pitch, which is extremely popular with both young and old guests. It's especially exciting when our entertainment team calls for a challenge.


Our aquatic fun selection
  • Aquajump, our popular water trampoline
  • Rockslider, for climbing fans and water sliders
  • Water volleyball, the swimming volleyball pitch, on which we often organise exciting challenges
  • Aqua Lily Pad, a mat that allows you to stand, walk, or lie on the water