with hundreds of fresh products and much more

Welcome to the islands of freshness

Shopping how you like it: It smells of baked goods fresh out of the oven, gorgeous fruit beckons from the fruit island, steaks, roasts and skewers just waiting to be barbecued by you - simply heavenly.

In our supermarket, you will find wonderfully fresh ingredients, a huge selection of drinks and even a dedicated wine section for the perfect accompaniment. Fruit and vegetables are delivered several times a day. Bread and other baked goods are baked fresh all day.


Camping equipment and more

In addition to the "normal" assortment, we also stock articles that will make your camping holiday even more pleasant, such as barbecues, dishes, swimwear and leisure articles. You can also order all camping articles from the Fritz Berger catalogue free of shipping charges.


Samples from our assortment

  • Ongoingly fresh baked bread 
  • Selection of fresh meats and cheeses
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables 
  • Fresh meat for cooking and barbecues
  • Huge assortment of drinks 
  • Regional specialties from Carinthia, the land of indulgence
  • Camping articles such as cables, tent stage and more 
  • Big selection of personal care products
  • Swimwear and beachwear as well as rubber dinghies, snorkels, beach towels, sunscreen, etc. 
  • Many leisure and sports articles, games, as well as baby products
  • Newspapers and magazines, both domestic and foreign, as well as books, and much more
  • Gas

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