Lake adventures

A crystal clear lake adventure - bathing in divine waters

Jump in like a seal and swim like a fish: A crystal clear freshwater lake and a pleasant water temperature - you will be daydreaming in no time.

The Carinthian bathing lakes are not just picturesque and uniquely beautiful. The water reaches a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius as early as June and invites you to bathe or refresh yourself after an extensive hiking, cycling or climbing trip. In August, Lake Ossiach reaches a temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius. A gorgeous, giant bathtub – filled to the brim with crystal clear drinking water.


Lake paradise Carinthia

In Carinthia, the springs are bubbling. With 8000 kilometres of rivers, 200 bathing lakes, 1270 bodies of standing water and numerous mineral springs, our state is a real aquatic kingdom. Because of the mild climate here in the south of Austria, you can start practising all manner of water sports from as early as May.

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