Magic places

with heavenly views

Look into the countryside: Your gaze will sweep the ample landscapes, your thoughts will learn to fly, your lust for living will be awakened - at the most beautiful observation points of our region.



North of Lake Ossiach, there is the Peterlewand, which you can reach via a somewhat short, but intensive hike. This observation point, which we praise so highly, is situated on a natural plateau on which a picturesque pavilion resides. From here, you can enjoy a sensational view on Lake Ossiach and the entire valley. The sunrises in particular are worth an early ascent to this location.


Nature's jewel Bleistätter Moor

On the easternmost tip of Lake Ossiach, you will find Bleistätter Moor and the nature sanctuary Tiebelmündung. On this picturesque spot of land, rare animals and plants find a very special, protected habitat. Via idyllic hiking paths you will reach viewing towers which will give you a legendary view of the moor. In contrast to the Peterlewand, here, it is the sunsets over the lake in particular that delight us again and again.


Wildlife watching at Nature park Dobratsch

Every Saturday (May to October), you have the opportunity to observe chamois, alpine choughs, alpine swifts and maybe even the odd wood grouse together with our nature park rangers on the Dobratsch. With a little luck, maybe the golden eagle will be flying up in the sky. And even when you are not with our rangers, you will find numerous viewing spots with great panoramic views along the Villach alpine path.

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