Children's programme

Children, what a superb summer we will have!

Carefree holidays for little people: Thrilling scavenger hunts, fun magic shows and being part of an excited audience for the puppet shows - fun is on the agenda.


Children's entertainment at Kinderland

In the Whitsun holiday and from Juli to the end of August, our Kinderland opens its doors six times a week for our little guests. Here, they can play to their heart's content, while being supervised by an experienced host. Fun games, exciting scavenger hunts, jolly pirate parties and much more awaits - while mum and dad can relax.

Kinderland animation time in high season:

9.30am - 1pm 

3pm - 6pm

low season (easter, whitsun):

9.30am - 1pm

Of course, our Kinderland is also available to use in low Seasons, if there is no animation program. You can come and enjoy it with your little ones daily between 9am and 6pm.